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The accuracy of your Shop Floor Data Collection system depends not just on accurate sensors but sensors that remain accurate and can be justly relied upon.

SSC designs specialist industrial sensors. Sensors that are designed to be subjected to the extremes of dust, static, vibration, heat and poor maintenance yet holding their accuracy.

Linear measurement:

The Metrecount 1 measuring paper, cloth, foil or plastic materials. 4 million revolutions per day, maintaining it’s accuracy.


The fast response Milljoin sensor detects splice and milljoin over a wide range of paper base weights, compensating for dust and ambient light fluctuations to give reliable milljoin and web break information.

Signal Interface:

A range of specialist interfaces that ensure the signals from the sensors reach your Data Collector correctly.


Counting of shingled product:

The new Copycounter 4, benchmark of all shingled product delivery counters for both printing and packaging industry, seen here working 24/7 on a conveyor at a Polestar Group site.

Meretcount Milljoin detector sensor The new Copycounter 4 General purpose interface News: Terms and conditions Copycounter 4 has arrived: What is a Tail Count Blocker?


A range of accessories to complement the sensors such as: Batch counting, marking and count signal modifiers.

Copycounter 3 cable spares


Replacement spares, connector converters, mountings, brackets and other associated sensor parts.

Copycounter 4. The most versatile and accurate copy counter Tail Count Blocker accessory for Copycounter 4

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